Starting your Skincare Regimen
Did you know everyone over 25 should be using at least a basic skin care regimen? 
As we age, the collagen and elastin in our skin breaks down faster, it loses firmness, and becomes thinner and weaker. Genetics are a factor, but dietary choices, and the environment, also play a part in how slowly or quickly these changes occur.
Skincare Checklist 
Though I had seen some impressive results with my skin as soon as I started using the products, I still didn’t get into a good routine every day. I also didn’t really pay attention to what I was using and when. Being in the middle of a major move, there where many days and nights I didn’t get a chance to use anything other than the moisturizer. Once I committed to using it every morning and every night, and removing my makeup before cleansing, the change in my skin reached a whole new level! 
Remove your makeup before cleansing
Skincare, before and after!
If you have not yet started using a basic skincare regimen, start there.  You'll want to start with a cleanser, daytime moisturizer, and evening moisturizer, and if you are pushing 30 or over you want to have an eye creme as well. Need help figuring it out or want some free samples to try out?  Shoot me a message and let's get you set up!
Anti aging skincare