Teen Skincare

Do you have a teen getting ready to go back to school?


I remember one year starting at a new school when an older family friend brought me shopping instead of my parents for the first time. I thought I was hot stuff! It also totally helped to tame my anxiety of not just meeting new people, but also becoming older and having all of those self conscious feelings that creep in.

One of the top causes for teenage insecurity is acne, and it can become a very emotional trigger that affects relationships and quality of life. If your teen has struggled with acne or other skin concerns, please reach out and I would be happy to help. 

In addition to our Oil to Acne skincare line, we have several products that can help to not only prevent acne, but also to heal any scarring or outbreaks on other areas of the body. Products can all be purchased 'a la carte' so you won't be forced into reordering anything you are not ready for, and there are no autoships, so you just reach out when you are ready for more - or sign up for Kiss and Tell and save 10% on every order, plus get your own online account to simply log in and purchase.

I also offer teen consultations to teach how and why to care for your skin, as well as an Intro to Makeup clinic for those that are just started out and need some guidance to feel confident in how to apply and what products to use. If you are interested in learning more, reach out to me here.

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