Lipsense Application Troubleshooting

Lipsense not lasting??? No need to hide!
Check out these tips for the longest wear.
This is not like regular lip color, so if my clients haven't been educated before coming to me, this is often their biggest question.
- Make sure your lips are clean and dry before you apply your LipSense! Things like makeup, food residue, and oils can effect the bonding process for your color. Try applying some Ooops Remover and then wiping it off with a cotton pad or washcloth until your lips are clean and dry.
- While applying, it is best to stretch your mouth a little to ensure contact within the wrinkles or folds of your lips.
- If your color is peeling or flaking in your first few days or weeks of using LipSense, don't panic - it is totally normal! There is no wax in Lipsense and therefore your lips are able to finally shed the dead skin cells that have been building up under the wax barrier. By applying the Glossy Gloss during your first few weeks you will be hydrating your lips, generating healthy, plump cells, and allowing them to exfoliate, revealing layers of healthy, hydrated skin. To speed the process, you can use a gentle scrub. After a few weeks, you will be left with the healthiest lips of your life and color that stays put until you take it off!
It is important not to use any other brands or types of lip balm or gloss in addition to your LipSense products, as they can interfere with the longevity of your color and interfere with the bonding of the color to your lips.
- Do you feel like you have little crumbs on your lips and it appears that the LipSense color may be flaking off slightly? You may have applied your three layers too thick. Each layer should be super thin, the first one may not even cover everything! By doing so, you will get the longest wear time - and no more flaking!
Also, make sure you thoroughly shake your tube prior to using and apply thin consistent layers in ONE DIRECTION (Going back and forth with your applicator is another no no).
- Is your color coming off on your gloss brush? You just need to allow the color to dry more between layers. It should only take a few seconds, but sometimes weather and humidity can affect dry time. Gently pat your lip with your finger to be sure it is not sticky before moving on.
- Are your lips tingling a little when you apply your color? They are probably dry and cracked! (you know I am right, 😂) The shea butter in the Glossy will help solve this very quickly and you will no longer notice the "stingle". Lipsense is a color pigment suspended in cosmetic grade alcohol, which is actually great for your lips, but if they are dry - you will feel it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
In your first month glossy gloss is your best friend! It will keep your lips healthy and hydrated and protect your LipSense color. Make sure you apply plenty of gloss after your color application before you rub your lips together and reapply throughout the day, especially before and after meals.
Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments if you have ever experienced any of these problems with your lip color!

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