Dry Skin Problems? Check this out!

The most common reason that people suffer from dry skin – is because they have a THICK layer of dead cells on top of their skin that PREVENT any moisture from getting inside.
Exfoliation helps soften dead skin cells for the ease of removal!!
For those who don’t cleanse & exfoliate in the morning, and then moisturize (with no exfoliation – thus NOT removing any dead skin cells) – it’s like they are taking a shower with their clothes on. It’s a worthless act – a total waste of time because it is ineffective.
If you are looking for reasons WHY you should exfoliate – the way I see it – there are 6 Key Benefits of Exfoliation:
1. Decreases Breakouts
2. Makes skin products work better – see the example above of showering with your clothes on.
3. Releases natural oils
4. Fades dark spots
5. Decreases pore sizes
6. Reduces fine lines
Do you exfoliate regularly? If so, how often??

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