Cracked heels?

I'm know it can't be just me! 


I am so excited about one of our latest releases, the Senegence Heel and Elbow Softening Cream because I love being barefoot inside and out, and that definitely does not leave my feet pedi perfect!  We all know spa days have not been happening as much lately either.  You guys! This is perfect for an at home spa night!  It uses botanical extracts that provide additional hydrating benefits, and my favorite, Nangai Oil, along with Moringa Seed Oil to deeply moisturize and soften the skin.  It is formulated without parabens, and like the rest of our line, is Gluten and Cruelty Free!  

Heel and Elbow Cream

When I was younger I remember my grandmother having me put lotion on her feet and they were alway calloused and rough. She would laugh and say there was no fixing them!  I can't wait to have her try this when the quarantine is over, but in the meantime, I am excited to take care of the dryness I do have - AND use it as a preventative so that they don't continue to build up thick skin. 


The results I've seen on scars and rough patches have been amazing - even after just one use! I love seeing women experience that kind of improvement - it is so important to feel good about yourself!


It is recommended to use 3 times per week, but honestly, I will probably be using it 1-2 times a month personally. Bonus because it will last longer!  haha


Want to check out some awesome before and after photos?  Join me over in Beauty For All for those and even more information about our entire spa line. 

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