"Blue and Gold with hues of Green"

One of the questions I get asked all the time is whether or not our products are natural and vegan, so I wanted to take the time to address it here.
Our products are NOT 100% natural, however, close to 98% of the ingredients are natural and from naturally reoccurring resources. This is HUGE for a product that not only does not have to be refrigerated, but actually WORKS! I always like to say that it is the best blend of science and nature in my opinion.
The ingredients we do use that are not natural are there either to help the ingredients work together and not separate, or because the synthetic version is a better option (as opposed to cheaper which is usually the reason behind it for most companies). This is important because our products are created using nanotechnology to help permeate to the various levels of the skin and get deep down, not just treating topically. Many natural ingredients can be too heavy and either clog pores, or alter the ph of their skin (I’m looking at you coconut oil! )
We are also committed to using no harmful ingredients or animal by-products. So, for example, we use a Synthetic Beeswax instead of natural beeswax. Not only is it bee friendly (yay!) it also is also better for your lips since wax creates a layer over your skin and doesn’t allow your dead skin cells to exfoliate naturally.
We are not only vegan, but also cruelty free - meaning neither we or our suppliers test on animals. Can you believe how common that still is?! Ewww.
Our makeup and skincare are also gluten free, which a lot of people don’t even realize is a thing! Many mascara brands thicken using ingredients containing gluten, however, ours uses volcanic ash! How cool is that!
There are definitely products out there that claim 100% natural or organic, but for me personally, I have not found any that work nearly as well. Both chemically synthesized and natural ingredients can be either good or bad, so it is more important to me to look at the product and company in its entirety. As a good friend of mine once reminded me, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is safe - look at cocaine. Natural is a marketing term that does not always mean safer, or more effective. I am confident in the safety and the efficacy of our entire line, and the commitment of the company as a whole as outlined by our founder and CEO, Joni Rogers-Kante, to produce products that live up to these high standards.
From the Senegence Product Knowledge Guide - “Blue and Gold may be the colors of Senegence Products, but “Green” has been the color that continues to influence many decisions from the onset of the companies basic product and business philosophies and it defines our daily practices.

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