Before & After

What a difference a few products can make!  This look uses soft colors, but makes a huge difference!

Before After

For the lips, I lined with Hazelnut to make them appear more full and defined without a harsh lip liner look. 

Lined with Hazelnut

Lipsense Colors used: Hazelnut, Sunshine, topped with Gold Glitter Gloss

*Tip - I like to use Glossy Gloss first before applying glitter or diamond glosses to protect the color for longer wear.  Some people might not need to do that, but I bite my lips a lot and am generally dehydrated 🙈 so the more protection the better! 

For the eyes, I forgot to get a photo of them closed as I was running out the door to do a wedding, but I love this look!  The key is to make sure you get the color high enough on your eyes that you can see it with your eyes open.  To do that, apply the boundaries with your eyes open, then close and blend! 

Shadowsense Colors used: Peaches, Bella Cream, Forest Mist, Brownstone Shimmer

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Colors used

I was traveling and in a hotel when I did this look.  As someone who travels a LOT, I LOVE these tubes!  So much easier than powder!!! Plus the colors are all super versatile, so you don't NEED a ton.... remind me of that next time I pack though.  😜


**NOTE: some of the colors used in this look are limited edition. If you are ever interested in a color that is no longer available on my website, shoot me a message and I may be able to still get it for you!

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